Shipping Policy

Buying a Gift Card on Gift Card Advantage?

Shipping is always free for any purchases made on Gift Card Advantage.

Swapping a Gift Card on Gift Card Advantage?

Use Gift Card Advantage's prepaid shipping label to mail us your gift cards. You can include up to four standard size gift cards in each envelope.

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Important Tips Prior to Mailing Your Gift Cards
1. For all shipments, it is highly recommended to wrap the gift card(s) with paper, cardboard or bubble wrap prior to placing in an envelope. Gift Card Advantage is not responsible for any cards lost during shipment.
2. Always accurately enter the gift card UPC numbers as requested during the transaction process. In the unlikely event that your gift card gets lost in transit, such information may help you obtain a replacement gift card.
3. Gift Card Advantage validates all received gift cards within (2) two business days. Once validated, sellers will receive email confirmation that the cards have been received, validated, and that your payment is in the mail.
4. Please allow 5-7 business days for your gift cards to arrive in our office.

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